Why would my ex girlfriend feel awkward?

Me and my ex broke up in like Feb. and all and doing are relationship she would be so crazy about coming over my house and even when we broke up she had came over once then she started being with this guy like a 2weeks he dumped her because he was talking to the same girl that broke me and my ex up I wonder if she is being messed up in the mind from this but they broke up my ex never told me yet and the girl he was talking to had told me but anyways I had asked my ex could she come over and and she said that would be awkward (I'm thinking she saying this because every time she came over we had sex but I wasn't thinking like that so why would she say that's awkward if she come by when we used to be close she always would like if I had a dollar for all the times she did I would be rich right now lol literally and we was in love to but she act like we never was I broke up with her and she said I didn't mean that I loved her and made me swear to god and she did to but now she never say it after we broke up and I feel she got me confused because we swore so and she made me swear that but wants to be friends now that's hard right wouldn't she love me and not want to be friends?


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  • Its hard, especially for girls, to let go of past memories. Haha, sometimes it hurts just looking at that person. Also since you two shared a lot of memories there, her going over there might be really uncomfortable for her. Just give her some time to get over it. haha, sorry if it didn't really answer the question, I sort of half assed read your question.


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