Is better to end a relationship as friends or nothing?

like not talk at all or be friends, and why?


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  • I'd say AT FIRST just cut off all contact just because at that point you both need your space from one another. Plus you may end up getting back with them, and if you broke up for a very serious reason (ex. cheating) you really shouldn't be back with them.

    Later on down the road if you two wanna be friends, hey why not? I'm friends with some of my exes, but I know I wouldn't get back with them no matter what, cause I had my space from them and my "coping time" and I was able to get over them. Maybe not completely over, but enough to the point that I'm don't want them back in my life in that sense.


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  • Friends - Because you will have the hardest time of your life trying to stay sane as their friend. This pain/torture will help you QUICKLY develop a VERY STRONG sense of self worth and self appreciation. It's like a 3 second trip to being independent.

    Learn to appreciate yourself without kicking these problems out of your life; trust me.. I did it and I love it. My ex and I are friends for the first time after several years of problems; and she betrayed me with my best friend.

    While other people call it stupid; I'll tell you exactly what it was ahead of time:

    1) Headaches and heartbreaks.

    - I felt lonely a lot, I still haven't wanted to date many individuals, and I'm still single. The pain was immense, but eye opening

    2) Realisation

    - I finally understood and appreciated what I offered towards others, for relationships or friendships

    3) Boundary building

    - When I started to move on, I realised where I could "draw the line" and keep it there.

    4) Understanding that I don't need a woman in my life to be a man

    - Self explanatory, but it feels great.

    And best of all.. #5 -- I gained a friend

    It doesn't mean that we can't figure out our differences for the future if everything dramatically changes; but it does mean that I went through hell to learn a better way of life than "if you don't like it, toss it"... If someone offers you a bite to eat and you say no, only to starve yourself, you'll die. The same is true with life situations: If you refused to go about learning, and you hit the real world, you will have a hell of a time trying to adapt.

    Take the opportunity and grow from it; but this isn't for the faint hearted.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Some strong words right there...i agree but it won't be easy at all..if the both of you can be friends, it's worth it in my eyes..

      going through a break up myself =/

    • Sorry to hear that WhatisLove.. Just remember to stay true to yourself. It was worth it for me to stick through the fight, I wish the same for yourself ;)

  • For me trying to be friends with a girl that I had a serious loving relationship with is too hard for both of us it mixes up all sorts of feelings. If some people can do it more power to them but for me and the girls that I loved it always ends up in us kissing and then fighting again it ends up getting messy. Say goodbye politely but don't talk again unless the relationship wasn't too serious.

  • Depends on the person...


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