Help! How do I break up with a boyfriend who is a friend?

Please help me! I don't know what to do! One of my friends asked me out and I said yes but I'm not sure if I like him that way. He's one of my best friends and its only been a few days and I kind of want to break up with him but I think it might be rude to do that! So what I'm asking is how should I break up with him and when?

One thing I know is that he Durant like break ups face to face as that was something that happened with his previous gfs and he asked me out by text so what should I do?

Please help!!!


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  • If he is a friend, he will listen to you. Talk to him.


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  • My daughter experienced the same thing. She told me her friend asked her out and she felt bad and said yes. But she feels worse because she doesn't want to lead him on. I suggested she talk to him and tell him how she values their friendship. And she appreciates him asking her out and she would enjoy hanging out anytime, but only as friends. I also suggested she express how awesome he is and how this isn't because he's not a great guy, she would rather remain friends. The next day she talked with him. He stepped away from the friendship for about 2 wks. Then they were cool and remain really good friends. They would hang out, etc.


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  • you are not sure you are interested, or you are sure you are not?

    if you're not sure if you do then go out and see how it goes.

    if you're sure you are not interested tell him.

    just deal with water now. no reason to freak out. seriously. just be honest and kind. stick to the truth so you dont accidentally say the wrong ting.


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