Does my ex mean what he says, or is he playing me?

I saw my ex for the first time in two years last night at a party, we stayed up til 8am and had an emotional night talking about the past. He said he is still in love with me even after two years and he's dated others and it hasn't felt the same, then went on to say I mean so much to him and that his soul feels connected to mine, he's in love with me, etc. He stayed up with me all night til it was morning and seemed hesitant to leave even though we stayed up all night. Thing is there's definitely trust issues from the past so I don't know if he's playing me or not. He knows 100% i would not sleep with him so i don't think that's it.

Is it possible for someone to still feel intensely after two years? I know I do, but I don't know if it's possible for him.

by the way after we broke up he sent me around 20 letters/messages saying romantic things to try to get me to just talk to him. I just don't know if he means what he says, do you think he is?


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  • I wouldn't know if he really means it or not but i would suggest that if you still like him and think that there is a possibility of this person being actually someone who inspires you and is willing to make an effort, then take things slow and get to know him again, just to see if you like the new him and also this will tell you his true intentions. Also pls help me with my last question if that isn't much to ask, id really like an opinion

  • He still likes you it sounds like that can happen


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