How to get my ex back? 6 year relashionship? How do I make her miss me and want me?

We dated for 6 years on and off because after 3 years str8 we stared having problems with her losing feelings for me but everytime we have broke up she has always came back to me ( 4 times) always after like 3 months well we have been broken up for like 7 months now and her family loves me they always text me on every holiday and tell me they miss me, so does she but she doesn't say she misses me the only time we hung out after the break up she said she just wants to be friends but we don't talk or hang out like friends we never hang out or make plans we just text and after a while she stops replying what can I do to make her miss me is the best thing ignore her don't reply anytime she text me not even to holiday text or to play it off cool and mr nice guy help me please
Help someone
I didn't want to be Friends she reached out to me and she still continues to a point where it confuses me so I don't even reply to her anymore


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  • Sorry, but you need to move on. It doesn't matter if you and her family think you're great for her - if she doesn't feel the connection and want you of her own accord then it's not going to happen. From your post it seems like it's been tried and failed several times and if you keep trying to force this you're just going to waste your life away on someone who doesn't want you.
    If her family like you then I'm sure you're a decent guy. You should want someone who is going to love and appreciate you for the person you are - not because you tricked or forced them into being with you


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  • Hey... I'm going through the exact same thing with my ex boyfriend. You don't want to try and make them kiss you because then... it's not genuine and you'll feel worse than before because you had to play a game so they'll miss you. Take her at her actions... not words. If she shows you instability then that's what it is. A person will show you all you need to know with their actions. Your best bet is stop being an option or fall back guy and move the hell on

  • You can't make somebody want you. Ever. If she is not interested anymore, heer actions pretty much says it. She is done, and has moved on officially. At this point, you need to do the same. If she is not going to hold up her end of the bargin to remain friends, then she is clearly avoiding you for good. You two have some reall serious issues that needs to be let go of. And if you two had this problem for nearly 6 years, then it was the best thing to breakup. You two sound very immature for a relationship at this point.

    • Update:

      You need to separate from her by warning her to stop seeing you and talking to you. If you don't put your foot down, then she will take advantage of you. If she id contacting you by phone, block and delete her number. If this conitinues, tell her if she doesn't stop harassing you, you will report her.

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