Should I tell him I'm thinking about cutting ties with him?

We were dating for quite some time. Both of us fell pretty bad for each other. But when it started to get serious he got cold feet and took off just to come back later on. He's constantly going back and forth not being ready for a relationship but wanting me. I'm not upto anything vague so he's not getting anything out of me like this. I want him but this is killing me. I'm thinking about cutting ties with him before he hurts me any worse.

Should I tell him that I was thinking about moving on and being in no contact with him and by that give him the chance to
a) Talk me out of it and getting hurt
b) Get himself together and commit to something real

Should I just cut ties and leave him wonder?
Or should I stick with the situation and see what comes out of it?


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  • He won't commit and you know it. He does the back and forth thing because you allow it - he leaves and you allow him back because you love him so so much. Why not love yourself more and kick him out of your life so that he can kill his own life instead. You are acting like a fool but expecting rewards. The man does not want to be in a relationship with you, otherwise you would be his girlfriend by now. If a man wants it, he nails it down. End of story.

    • That's what I've been thinking. But do you think I should tell him I've had enough and I don't want him to be in my life anymore or should I just stop answering all together, no warning?

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    • Oh, I should add, I forgot to write it. We were already exclusive and he had told everybody about me and it really was a thing, before his ex heard about it and did everything she could to come between and ruin it. That's when he got the cold feet and pulled away. Never been the same after that. He doesn't want her back but she didn't make it easy for him to start anything new and well now she's got her will.

    • That's a good advice, thank you!
      God this is going to hurt...

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