Can anyone make sense of this?

today, my ex boyfriend told me that he wanted to be best friends, hangout everyday and sleep with me.

But he makes it VERY clear that he doesn't wan to be with me.

Then when I told him I didn't want to, he begged me to at least be friends with him.

Can anyone make sense of this?

and do you think he wants me back, or just playing games?


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  • Sounds like he wants to use you..don't fall for it. Be friends but don't sleep with him. Don't let him use you if that's the plan. He could be out of there quickly, if he gets what he wants. The seemingly nicest guy did this to me, don't be fooled. You deserve to sleep with someone who really cares and actually wants a relationship. You can't be single, and yet sleep with some girl. Can't have you cake and eat it too. Approach with caution for sure.

  • i think he likes you and he's trying to start out being ur friend and then giveing it another try! ur soo lucky I wish my ex boyfriend texted me or talked to meee!

    • I don't know though, because he said that we just weren't right for eachother...

    • Yeah mine said the same thing he said "were like water and oil" we don't mix! pleaseeee he made out with me a month after and he wanted to get back!!!just look hot and ignore him for a lil

    • Kayyy thanx :)

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