Argued with my boyfriend and broke up on really bad terms... after a week of our break up he changed his number. Will he come back?

My boyfriend and I had a massive argument. I ended things with him because i was upset that he wanted to go around his ex's house to pick up their daughter more often than usual. I then used the example of my ex which he's always been insecure about And asked him if he would be comfortable with me going to my ex's restaurant. I did that to make him understand why I wasn't comfortable with him going around his ex wife. He then got really angry and said that I still had feelings for my ex and that he couldn't be wit me. And I on the other hand was arguing with him because he said that I was "trying to take away the only thing that made him happy" (his daugher ) when he realised how upset I was about what he said he started saying he didn't mean it and that he knows that I wouldn't ever really try to do that. But I was too upset and kept telling him that I couldn't be with him anymore and that it was too much baggage. I kept telling him to leave me alone and to never contact me again and that I couldn't be in this relationship. He then said that he would never forget what I had just said to him and that he too did not want to be with me anymore. A few days later he called me and then texted me saying that it was an accident. I ignored that message and a week later I texted him to say that I did not want to leave things on bad terms and realised that his phone was off. He had told me in the PAst that if I were to ever hurt him he would break his SIM card delete my umber and never contact me again. Now that he has actually done it I'm so shocked because we were really in love and I know he really cared for me and we had spent a lovely day together the day before the argument... it's now been 2 weeks and still nothing. He does not use social media. I have no way to contact him and I'm so shocked that someone who has made me feel so special and who I had a passionate relationship could vanish and abandon me like this. I don't know if he will ever come back.


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  • It doesn't seem like he's your boyfriend anymore girl. Sorry but move on. In a way I think it was your fault because you kind of started the whole issue and didn't want him to visit his daughter more and I get that him being around his ex makes you uncomfortable and all and trust me I would feel the same but that's his daughter!! If he makes him happy you should have put all your issues aside and been the bigger person. Honestly, you are the one that told him not to contact you and all so just move on I know it's hard but it's for the best.

    • Do you think he would contact me again? If he really loved me for 2 years and was in fact possessive and planned a future together to get married... do you think he could calm down and realise that he needs me in his life

    • I think he would have done it by now if he really felt that way.. its been 2 weeks you said? 2 years is a long time and im in a 2 year relationship right now and we have so many aruments and we have broken up but we come back to eachother in a day or so but as I was saying 2 years is a long time and im sure you had lovely memories but he probably meant what he said and is done and is just trying to move on. After 2 weeks, I wouldn't be so hopeful. Im sure he has feelings for you and cares about you still but finds it better to move on.

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  • If he had a legit reason to go to his ex's daughter for the sole purpose of visiting his daughter, I don't see why you would want to stop him.

    "But I was too upset and kept telling him that I couldn't be with him anymore and that it was too much baggage. I kept telling him to leave me alone and to never contact me again and that I couldn't be in this relationship."
    I'm sorry but you dug your own grave. No point regretting things, it's too late.

    • Ex's house*

      If I was your boyfriend, I would be upset too and leave. Your words were beyond hurtful.

  • Talk to him and find out. Or create some distractions that can help you

  • Well move on.


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