Help to make my ex jealous?

Ok so me and this fuckboy Andrew dated for 3 days and then he semi-cheated ig (hard to explain) so I broke up with him and both of us cried for days. We got back together then he broke up with me. I missed him but tbh, not truly. He told me he missed me and regretted it so much and he's changed and doesn't f around with a bunch of girls now. I tricked myself into thinking I missed him when I really believe I missed being in a relationship. We started "talking " again and went to a party together for New Year's Eve. He ignored me and was hanging on a bunch of girls. We decided just to be friends. One of the girls he was hanging on posted a pic of him , her, and another girl and said "love them" and he said "love you guys ❤️" I want to make him jealous tbh. How? I don't hate him, but I am disappointed that he became something and someone he said he never would.


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  • When i was your age i had a paperroute and used to rake leaves, shovel snow, and mow lawns for hundreds of dollars a week which worked out to about $700 per week nowadays.

    Maybe you should stop dating at your age before you end up catching a disease.

  • How will your life be enriched by making him jealous?

  • what's good for the goose is good for the gander do it right back to him


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