Ex issues. My boyfriend's ex won't leave us alone. Am I being naive?

My boyfriends ex sends him messages and calls him all the time, and even tried to contact me through Facebook!

They were together for 5 years, she cheated on him and they broke up, he hates her now and I've witnessed him yelling at her to leave him and me alone.. But she won't go away. She has a new boyfriend and everything.

So we have been together a year now and recently another girl messaged him calling him a 'sxc boi' EW

I replied, and told her where to go but, now I'm starting to think he might be egging them on and I'm just naive?

What are your thoughts?


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  • I could see the ex doing this and you having to take control but another girl that is random? I think you need to watch out, he sounds not too straight and narrow! I know men can be so frustrating at times but you are right in thinking you are niave. I had an aquaintance in college who dated this jerk, he asked me out first but I dated one of his bosses. He continued to ask me out once I broke up with my boyfriend and they were making plans to move in and get married. She is still married to him but from what I hear it is a rocky marriage (after 13 yrs). She would not believe what I told her at all and then it was harder to catch anyone cheating, no cell phones or computers (too expensive for college students). So if someone is texting that to him there is something going on...stay safe with him and protect your heart!


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