Is he just playing me, or does he really need space?

So I met my boyfriend in February and we moved in together by the April. I moved quite far from my home so it was hard at times but I tried hard to not show it. We decided to take a break in December but he continued to contact me. I've been to see him a few times and we have on both occasions ended up in bed together. He still wants a break but perhaps see each other for dates etc.
I feel we rushed it and need to start again. I have mentioned all this to him but he not much of a talker in person so it's hard work. Please help its effecting my health.


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  • we ended up in bed. how does it sound to you? :) he not much of a talker. how does this sound? if a person doesn't talk much, it doesn't mean they won't talk at all. if you have something to say, you will say it eventually, even if you use few words. and it doesn't matter if it's a girl or boy; if a person asks for break/space, it's not so they can think of something so they make the things in their head clear. it's because they are not so attracted to the other person. you end up in bed - it's something comfortable for him, you know... like in his head "i'll just have sex with this girl until i find another one - one that i have feelings for". i think all in all, you have some feelings and he doesn't. if in the end you decide you want sex and you're fine with nothing more, i think that's fine though.


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  • If you can't work out your issues when you are together, having a break won't fix it for you.

    It sounds like he just wants the sex, which is fine, but if you want more walk away.


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