See picture attached: am I friendzoned or what? Wtf?

I don't get it, anyone else think he was contradicting and was just trying to be nice? It seems all over the place, yeah? See picture attached: am I friendzoned or what? Wtf?


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  • I think he meant that shall worse case scenario happen and that you two as a couple doesn't work out, he wants to at least be friends because he likes you that much that he doesn't wanna lose contact.

    • It's still a lot of contradiction. No?

      He basically said all this at the start of our LDR right after he left to go back home... it threw me off. I thought he flew Continents so he can be with me and build a relationship then all of a sudden he tells me this?

  • You're becoming paranoid again sis, that's why he's distancing himself from you, because he can sense it, be clingy to him and flood him with messages, do nothing and wait for his message, he'll reply for that,, also checked out the book I've recommend you, your world doesn't revolve around him, acting like that will make him feel trapped , just keep doing whatever you were doing before you met him, because "no contact rule" will have no effect if you keep thinking about him and just waiting for his move

    • I haven't even talked to him since the 24th and yes I finally bought the book

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