Why do I still miss her even though she was a bitch? I'm having a hard time getting over my ex?

So i was in a relationship for about 3 years, she changed and started partying a lot, making up excuses to not be with me and all that, she broke up with me when she chose to go to another country to live. She then moved back and started talking to me again and we had plans about getting back but it went to shit because we argued, one night she stopped texting me and later i find out she is having dinner with a guy, after that incident i saw her grinding on a dude on snapchat and after i told that its not cool to do that when she's trying to get back with me she said she doesn't have time to tall cuz she high and drunk, she later dumped me because i couldnt afford her some things.

I never texted her again and she tried to contact me several times but not sayin hi or apologizing, but just stalking me and leaving random comments, via fb she asked me why i was ignoring her but i never replied and later she sent her mom to talk to me via text and i told her mom to tell her to forget about me cuz i grew tired of her shit. That was 3 or 4 months ago, but today i saw a picture of her and i realizd im still in love with that evil bitch, i know its pathetic but I don't know how i can just get over it, is this normal? I have been thinking about telling her happy new year but i dont want to humiliate myself hitting her up again, but i think if she hits me up again i would reply. What you guys think? Dont be mean, i know this sounded pathetic, thanks.


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  • How many times are you going to ask this question?/

    • I just want to talk to someone because theses days have been tough and i dont really have somebody to talk to. You can always skip my question tho

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  • dude move on there's millions of women out there, it starts out as you loving her and wanting her again but eventually your just back to this point, tired and sick of her shit and honestly based off what you have said she probably wouldn't remain faithful, your best off leaving her to live her life and finding yourself someone new so you can hopefully live yours and be happy!

    • Thanks mate, you have been in this position before?

      For me its been hard cuz i moved out recently and i dont have a social circle in this new city, i just work and go home.

      We broke up a two years ago, last year we dated again after i moved here cuz she lives nearby as well and then she started using me for money and mistreating me again, that was when i stopped and never replied to her again. Its been like 4 months since that moment.

    • yes i have been there its a big bad cycle of anger haha

      it sucks getting constantly dicked around, your in a new city and there's gonna be plenty of amazing women who will treat you right.

      just gotta find her!

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