My ex boyfriend cut me off and acts like I don't exist?

We didn't work well in a relationship because he couldn't commit. We spent every single day together for over a year, we were best friends and we had a steady sexual relationship as well. Nothing was wrong besides the fact that he couldn't handle a relationship even though I require so little. He couldn't stay honest and faithful. I know that he loved me. We mutually broke up a few weeks ago around Christmas time and it broke my heart because i haven't spent a day without him. The day before Christmas we exchanged presents, we hugged and kissed and he went out with his friends to the bar after. After that night he stopped talking to me. He blocked me on every social media account. I called him a day later when I realized he was ignoring me, I asked him why he was doing this and he said that he wants nothing to do with me and to leave him alone. I found out that he likes this new girl and that he was trying to pursue a relationship with her. but he didn't treat me all too well even though I always made sure he was happy and I went out of my way to put effort into the relationship. He so easily cut me off for someone he just met. I texted him a few days later asking for closure, an explanation, something? He never said goodbye he just left. He didn't even take any time to get over the loss of our relationship, he was already ready to jump into a new one. Please don't say it's because he didn't love me, I know well enough that he did but I don't have to go into all the detail. How could he so easily cut me off In the most bitter way? He hurt me so bad and the thought of him actually treating another girl right really hurts because he didn't treat me too well. I'm having trouble moving on knowing I can't contact him and even if I try I don't get an answer anymore. I'm afraid of going on without him in my life and the thought that he and I will probably never speak again. I wanted to be his friend one day like he is with his other exs.


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  • So what's the problem. He doesn't want to be with you he's moved on.


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  • Well he didn't just disappear. You guys broke up. You don't hang out or talk with your ex after a breakup (usually). The easiest way to move on is to cut off contact. When a relationship of mine ends, I act like my ex doesn't exist either. You should especially respect the fact that he's found someone else that he wants to pursue a relationship with. I knew it hurts to not talk to him anymore, but in the long run it will be for the best because you'll find someone who is willing to commit to you, and you deserve that.


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  • You'll have to accept that you are over and that he doesn't want further contact


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