What's happening?

So my boyfriend and I broke up (long distance probs)... But we still text like we used to (except there is no romance).. We text almost everyday.. And we have also video called each other thrice!! He also called me on new year exact at 12?
So the question is..
What is happening? Do we still have feelings for each other? Is it mandatory to follow "no contact" rule after breakups
Help. meee
Guys and gals?


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  • It sounds like you two still have feelings for each other, and no it's not madatory

    • *mandatory

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    • Any slight chances of us getting back?

    • mandatory as in you don't have to not talk to each other, and chances of getting back it's possible but you have to see how things develop before you can be sure

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  • it's totally ok you guys still text after break up. just go with the flow. who knows what would happen next. and I think most guys don't want to be in a relationship but they do want to be/ to have someone to share things in life with.

    • Any chances of positive signs? Iywim

    • If he still texts, give him a sign if you still want him or not. it's all up to you. there will be good time for you guys. Just my opinion.

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  • I guess the both of you are still continuing to talk to each other, but in a platonic manner.

  • That's cute. It seems like you guys still care about each other a lot and would still be together if it wasn't for the distance


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