Need advice/ no contact is general topic?

So, up until about two months ago everything was fine with a guy I've been involved with for just under 3 years. He decided to get back with his baby mama. I flipped out of course, but after two days i was fine. Let it go. didn't speak to him again. Its been almost two months no contact, im much better but i am missing him now. We were like best friends and honestly better off as just friends probably. I miss talking to him everyday, all day. We have separated before but after four months he came back because he missed me and letting me go was a big mistake he made, according to him. Do you think he'll miss me? Do you think since he has come back in the past, he will come back again? Im not against moving on but we did have a connection. Just need a little advice. Also, what do you think of no contact? Thank you for answering.


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  • I am sure he misses you too. Y'all were together for 3 years, that is a long time. But, when it comes down to a man who is given an opportunity or choice to be with a woman and or a woman with his child, depending on the type of father he is, most men will choose to be with the woman who has his child. Now, if he keeps playing the back and forth game, he is or shouldn't be worth your time. You will only allow him to keep breaking your heart if you keep taking him back. Also, "no contact" is probably what's best, at least for now. Give your heart a little time to heal and give yourself a chance to live life without him.


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