Girl causing drama at work after breakup? Why if she dumped me?

Cliff notes
We know each other for two years.
She initiated contact and we became friends.
I wasn't impressed by her body (too skinny and flat chest). Kept her on the side
Finally asked her out this summer, we became fck buddies for a month
She dumped me after one night.
I went No contact. Pretended she was dead.

She's no creating lots of drama at work.
Flirting with other guys at work in front of me
Saying "ewww" when she's near me
She makes nasty sarcastic remarks to people around me. Like "hey look he's all lonely"
She even grabbed my butt once but I ignored her.

What's up with the drama. She ended the relationship?
We're both 19 by the way.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She might just want you back because of the mistake she made from dumping you


What Guys Said 1

  • She liked you more than you liked her, and she knew it, and that's why she broke up. She wants you back, but she wants you to want her more or else she doesn't want you at all.

    You should call her out and ask her why she's being so nasty.

    Start a big fight first, maybe more than one, and then kind of transition from fighting to talking for real and then start hitting on her and see how it goes. Play with patience and caution, but inner determination.


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