Girls, What do you do when you love a girl that was your girl for 6 years but she no longer feels the same for you and wants to be friends?

Dont just say move on because that's no help I've tried but deep down inside I still have hope she will come back but at the same time I feel like the reality is she's gone for good it really haunts me🤕


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  • Never good to feel haunted. That being said, have you spoken with her on it? Not when everthing all went down, but today and how you feel haunted by her presence?

    • No she's 19 I would make a fool of myself what do you advice

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    • I already poured out my heart to her and she said she just didn't feel the same do you think I should just give time and just try my best to block her from my life?

    • Don't block her

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