Should I tell her I love her even though she can't reciprocate the same way?

She and I met in person back in May, since then we had been talking via FB Messenger cuz she lived in Mass. At 1st we talked once every 2 or 3 days but soon we talked almost everyday. She started talking to me cuz she said i was kind, respectful, good to her and handsome. Though it's hard to convey what we felt, we exchanged meaningful words, opened up in trust to each other about personal matters, for one to open up about things like that means she trusts me in a big way. Never once though had we mentioned love to each other. December rolls around and she is here to visit. Suddenly the dynamic changes; Christmas Eve we go out to dinner and she tells me that she wants to be honest & doesn't want to hurt me. She said she is struggling to convey the same feeling for me and it makes her uncomfortable knowing I feel this way for her but she can't reciprocate. I asked her to clarify, if it was something I had done, if what we had before was real. She said no I've been very good to her and yes that she could never pretend to feel anything for so long and meant everything she said to me on FB. So yes it was real. She's going back home Jan 7 and we haven't seen/spoken in past several days. I want her to know even if I'm feeling heart broken, I still care for her and want her to know how I feel. I don't know why things changed, I miss the days leading up to her arrival, her heartfelt messages... I appreciate her openness, not leading me on and being truthful about what we had. Even when we were far from each other, we were close. Though she stays right next door with her friend, I've never felt so distant from her. I want to tell her I love her before she leaves, but I don't want to risk pushing her away but at same time don't want to be left wondering if it was the right or wrong thing to do.


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  • Tell her you love her. Otherwise it'll eat at you forever.

    • I told her I loved her. Didn't matter to me if I was right or wrong. At least I know where I stand and can move forward knowing that I said what needed to be said without any regret as I have learned that I must be honest and true to myself and her. It was a bittersweet but nice departure as I feel we both got some closure. Thank you for the advice. 😄

    • Anytime😊

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  • Well it Depends. For me I like to be open because of I dont want to be regretful.
    Dont be stubborn but if you want to say your feelings to her even if she doesn't feel the same way like you do. it is okay. it is your feelings not her.

  • Noooo dude if she doesn't feel the same way Dont do that


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