What does it mean when your ex boyfriend moans in your ear?

I was walking down the hall and I bumped into my ex boyfriend Jude and he moaned in my ear. I was thinking all day and he tells my best friend that he loves her because he figured out I didn't want him but he stares at me but hesitates to call my name. Yet alone he has a girlfriend-Jada but why did he moan in my ear this happened today?

I guess my ex is a player but he already cheated somehow even though I got responses I just don't see why he won' t get over me it's been two months and he looks at me like he use to but we're not together. I might love him again.Hope this is temporary.
Time to move on and someone will love me like I want one day! :-)


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  • I'm guessing you're a girl? You might wanna do something about that here because it says you're a guy lol anyway don't think too much about it. He's just trying to get your attention. And if he's doing that because he likes you still then you shouldn't trust him anyway. He has another girlfriend and says he loves your friend and (possibly) flirts with you--what more signs do you need to tell you he's a player?


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  • Genderfail.

    That sounds creepy. I don't even know what to make of it. Maybe if you were a little more coherent...

    • What?

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    • ;)

    • .I see what you mean. It's just when you love someone that hurt you and you don't want to it's very difficult. I just don't understand why some guys are just dumb when it comes to a female's concern on their behalf. I'm doing better thoufg now. I can't stress anymore. I deserve better.

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