Maybe its just me but it often seems that inter racial relationships often end badly if they break up?

trying to open some discussion on this and not trying to come off as being against these relationships for racial reasons , simply trying to connect the dots as they say and make sense of some of what has been happening. I've personally heard of situations where inter racial relationships have fallen apart and the break ups were brutal , one involved an east indian man dating a white girl and the break up literally dragged on for months and months , he wouldn't let it go.

and I've seen more extreme examples in the news where there have been murders , murder /suicides and double drug overdoses involving inter racial couples. there was one here where a high profile doctor of Pakistani descent killed his wife who was white after she asked for a divorce after a long and troubling relationship. this is obviously a more extreme example as most don't end that bad. but I'm just saying I have seen a lot end badly and there is other examples out there as well.

I realise this is a somewhat difficult discussion for some to have and some on here will be offended by me bringing this topic up but we live in a free society and there is no harm is having some debate


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  • I've never noticed any sort of trend where interracial relationships end any worse than relationships between individuals of the same race. If that were, the case though, the main blame for it would be on society for using racial differences as a scapegoat for conflicts that arose in the relationships that, more often than not, could've very well come up regardless of racial differences.

    I mean, I'm sure that the amount of Pakistani women killed by their husband after bringing up divorce or an end to the marriage by far outnumbers the amount of white women who were killed by their Pakistani husband for the same reason. The media and audience simply like to broadcast and draw more attention to cases where there, by coincidence, happened to be a racial difference because many still seem to draw comfort from strictly dating within their own race. Further propagating the idea of 'us versus them.'

    • I've noticed a lot of relationships in general seem to end really badly now days when they end , there seems to be a need by those involved to do so , this really has nothing to do with race
      but there has been a lot of examples where they ended very badly , the doctor murder was high profile here not cause of the races involved but cause he was such a high profile doctor. but divorce can be viewed much differently in some cultures , in modern north America it isn't a big deal but in some middle eastern backwords countries its not something a women does let alone ask for

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