Does he feels anything for me?

So I am with a husband and I don't have a greencard yet. His grandparents are racist and I am black , basically his dad has depression and keeps putting me against him without a notice. I am 18 and marrying him was my choice because we were together for 5 years , now we spent 6 months together , I am starting to have a crush on his brother that I can't control it because of the way he treats me , he tells me I ain't good enough , screams at me at supermarkets , and is making me heart broken ! His dad on the other hand tells me I use him for money and I have no love for him at all , when isn't true because before this shit go down I wanted to even make a family with him. He is never willing to talk to me about his feelings and I am done. So should I leave him?


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  • You need to stay away from this family. It'll take a huge weight off your shoulders and the fact that his dad is fucked up and judging you is stupid. That's rude. You need to leave and be unconditionally loved by a man and his family


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  • You're saying you have romantic feelings for his brother but are offended that his father thinks you have no love for him?

    • Kinda , I started having feelings for his brother cause I think is time to move on ! I can't with that he is abusive and not nice at all

    • Then leave. Don't start messing up his family

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