Why can't I let him go?

I dated this guy years ago, he was my first love and also my first heartbreak multiple times. We dated for 2 years which ended in 2010. He finds ways to crawl back into my life here and there and I don't know why it's so easy for me to let him in just to get in my feelings again. For example he will text me like once a year just to see how I am but never took it past checking on me and when he does it's as if all these feelings of hurt come rushing back. But I don't know why. Why do I still have these feelings YEARS later? He's never apologized for any of the things he's done to me or my family and but I don't know if I want his apology. I don't want anything from him. So why do I still feel hurt by him?


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  • You haven't found anyone new, and you haven't found a new non-romantic focus in your life, I would guess. Work on changing your location and activities, do something new that makes you too busy to ponder what happened years ago.


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  • Break ups are never easy even if it was the right thing for you. It's obvious you are still hurt by him and part of the reason is you two are in a gray area he reaches out to you once a year but then stops there and that can be very confusing and also remind you of the good and bad times you two had together. When I had break ups I had to block my exes on my phone for at least a year and did not seek them out and I have to say that did help. Most things at some point comes to an end and that includes the pain from a breakup.


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  • It hurts because your letting this creep crawl back into your life. Cut all ties with him.


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