Could bringing up the past with my ex be a good or bad idea?

Met him when we were 12, didn't know him too well, was initially attracted to him cause of his looks, together for about 4 months then we broke up and lots of drama ensued. We were very friendly and continued to talk every day for weeks after the breakup up until the big bomb of drama. Lots of rumors, he said she said, and lies caused a big fight between us and ended our talking. Thinking that we were both still mad and not speaking, and since we continued to go to the same schools, we saw and ignored each other, which was a bit hard considering we have mutual friends that still talk. Now we're both 21 and I decided to make the first move and ask to be friends again because despite everything that went on, I couldn't forget the fact that we were really good friends at one point and to be honest, I never got closure because we just cut off contact cold turkey. We exchanged messages online and he was surprised that I thought we were still at war with each other and regrets everything that was said and done in the past. Asked if we could be friends and he was more than glad to be friends again. Now that we talk every now and then, it's brought back thoughts/feelings of, what if it could be different now? We are both a lot older now and maybe a relationship could happen out of this, because we were 13 when we were together but there's not much to do/say at 13 because you can't do anything or go out anywhere because you're so young. So if anything, we were really good friends that just liked each other. He's always been one to be real shy and one of the problems we had was that we both were the same in the sense that we were scared of messing up with the other by talking to them too much we think we're bothering the other and it causes/caused mixed feelings and signals. I feel as though we never really had a really shot at a relationship because we were so young but I figure, we're a lot older now and we know what we want and we can actually talk things out now. Help?


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  • I can totally relate. I have an ex I dated back in highschool and so much happened between us back then and we cut all communication for years. Now he messages me to check on me here and there and it's as if these feelings come back. We're both in our mid 20s now and it's like, I wonder if we could be something again now that we're grown. My opinion, people grow and people change, I say you go for it but be cautious. Never know what it can turn out to be unless you try. Even if you guys just talk about it, it's worth a try.


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