My ex suddenly stopped talking to me?

Me and my ex broke up six months ago, we had an amazing relationship but guess it started to go stale. I did no contact and then we met up after a month.. i think i went in too hard and she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship.

About two months later we met up again, more tears and 'i love you still' etc. we did Christmas presents and then a few days later she told me we couldnt talk again.. its breaking my heart how someone can go from so hot emotionally to so cold.. what is it about? Do I just walk away now, she won't even reply to my messages any more?

Insights and opinions appreciated! She's one in a million really dont want to walk away from this


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  • I think you guys need more time apart. I think seeing each other is messing you up a bit. you need more time away from each other to be able to heal and figure out what you actually want before facing each other again. so if she's ignoring your messages, leave it be. and if she tries to contact you again you should suggest not interacting with each other for a while.


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  • She is very confusing, just give her, her space for now. I am not sure if there will be a long term future even as friends for the two of you though.


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