I'm sad and need advice, it's my fault things finished but is there anything I can do?

I was seeing someone and we were having a great time. I had a few drinks and was suspicious he was talking to other girls, constantly liking other Really attractive girls on fb, he wouldn't deny it And now he's not interested in me. I apologised said I don't regret saying it as I was very insecure by his behaviour but I should of gone about it a nicer way. I've chatted to him a few times since but it's been very cool and I feel forced. He's gone from liking all my stuff to stopping and fawning over the girl I was worried about, she's continued her fawning that was happening when we were hanging out. I'm so sad and lonely I've gone from him messaging me everyday to nothing. I deleted his number after the couple of conversations since then because I don't want him to feel like he has to speak to someone he doesn't want too.
im just annoyed my insecuritys destroyed something in its early days again. I don't know if I should delete him off everything as I don't want him to think I'm a psycho. But it hurts. I don't know can I have some advice, I keep praying that he would like me again, but I've seen him do this to other girls, several times.


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  • if i was him i would try to avoid u
    u came up as controling that would make most guys run try controling yourself


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  • I'm not sure why he would stop talking to you if all you did was ask him is he talking to others? But honestly if a guy is really into you from my experience he can forgive a lot and all you did was ask a question. Even if you two became a couple how do you know he won't keep talking to other girls. I've learned if a relationship is gonna work it'll be obvious and there will be mutual respect and acceptance. You deserve a guy that will give you his undivided attention and when you're with him you'll be happy it ended with this guy and that it was definitely worth it.


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