Had an ungly breakup with my ex, in which he toyed with my feelings. How to deal with this?

Had an ugly breakup with my ex boyfriend after i broke up with him after he cheated and lied to me. Afterwards he tried to made me look like the bad one and continued to toy with my emotions (like he really wanted to make it work). It just hurt so much that the guy who I loved so much is doing these things and is intentionally trying to hurt me.

it gets even worse as he refuces to tell the state that he no longer lives there (and i can't get the state to change that). Also almost all his stuff is still here (in storage). Don't know what to do anymore.


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  • first, you need to find a chair to sit on and to take a break from that relationship.
    I know you loved him but... he hold your past against you... so, he'll try to drag your feelings to catch up with you later. your kindness and you feelings giving him the opportunity to take advantage of you.

    you can't move on to the next phase in your life if you keep holding on to the same page. move on.

    Good luck...

    • I'm no longer letting him play with my emotions, my kindness and old love for him.

      As I said I can't move on because he refuses to notify the state that he moved out (it's required by law to do that). The only person who can do this is himself. Also because his stuff is here I'm reminded daily of said basterd (I moved it to the storage of my appartment, but my bike is also there).

      I can't move on because he refuses to move on.

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  • just cut off all contact with him. he doesn't deserve anymore of your time

    • I know he doesn't deserve my time. The problem is that he refuses to notify the state that he moved (enabling him to get more money). The house and all is on my name so he has nothing to stand on, but the state refuses to write him off from my adress (without a court order).

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