Which do you feel is the worst way to be broken up with?

  • Face to face breakup seemingly out of the blue
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  • Them leaving you a break-up note
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  • Them leaving you a break-up text/breaking up with you over the phone
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  • You finding out they're cheating on you
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  • You finding out they're cheating on you from someone else
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  • Being broken up with by someone else on behalf of your bf/gf
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  • Being Ghosted
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Finding out they cheated from someone else


Most Helpful Girl

  • Being cheated on is the worst in my opinion.
    Not that many of the other options aren't bad as well, but to be broken up with being cheated on takes the cake.

    On top of having a bunch of feelings thrown at you such as how someone else was 'better' than you, wondering why your significant other couldn't have just asked you to do whatever this other person manage to supplement, wondering for how long your s/o was seeing or even just entertaining the idea of seeing the other individual... from my own personal experience, I can't imagine there being any more hurtful/emotionally devastating way.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Ghosted, because then there's no closure. At least with cheating, it sucks but you know what happened

  • All of them are really bad. There is only one way to break up, sit down and say it.

  • For me cheating and being ghosted is the worst way to break up with smb

  • Ghosting for sure


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