My ex is being a total jerk?

So when my boyfriend and I were dating he was really insecure. Hed always make me feel bad for even glancing at other boys and always was like 'are you going to leave me for them?' and it would make me feel so sad because i loved him so very much and wouldn't think twice about doing that; and i was happy because that insecurity made me feel like he loved me as well. he'd always complain that he's ugly/fat and that i am 'so much better than him' and that i was the most beautiful girl and blah de blah. Well turns out he didn't love me because he dumped me a few days after he claimed all of these things, and everyone is telling me he did it to get a confidence boost because he dumped someone that was "out of his league"? I did not think he was like that, he seemed so modest and so insecure and now he's acting like a cocky idiot thinking he can get any girl he wants because he dumped me! :( It's making me so upset and so confused as to why the hell boys would do this :S surely if you ahve a girl that's 'too good for you', then stay with her?


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  • He is just really insecure... Low confidence too... He felt low and that he was below your league, ended up getting angry and turning it around on you.

    Don't take it personally, he just has issues he needs to deal with

    • I guess but I just dont deserve it. i never acted like i was better than him and i always stuck up for him etc. now its like he's trying to get really hot to rub it in my face? I know he has issues but its putting me through a lot of pain because i feel like im still not good enough for him

    • You are good enough, and you don't deserve to be treated this way. Stay away from him... He is the one with issues.

    • I was in the same situation. Don't worry about it. You have to ignore him and his childish behavior

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