He still calls and texts several times a day, after he said he didn't want to see me anymore?

I'm fairly new to dating after 11years of marriage. I started seeing a guy casually, it lasted about 3 months. During the talk about where we were heading, he asked if he could talk to other women. I asked if he had been. And yes he had been "talking" to 2 other women for about a week (we had promised to tell each other if we started to talk to, or see other people). he had initiated. so the answer was clear to me. He obviously was not that into me. And when I asked him face to face if he was done seeing me, he said "yes". He still calls me every night on his way home. If I don't text him for the day, he always sends a message like "it's sad you won't be friends with me." I explained over and over that I can still be his friend, but, I can't talk everyday. (We did not know each other well before seeing each other). Is this normal? I don't get it?


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  • I think he's lonely and an attention seeker. If he wants you he would have made it obvious especially if you two were seeing each other before. Those other two women probably don't give him enough attention so he calls you. Honestly if he was a real friend he wouldn't just focus on himself and only care about how he is sad. He would respect what you want too.

  • Selfish reasons really he doesn't want to have to feel bad, therefor when you keep responding to him he feels as if he hasn't done anything wrong.


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