Should I stop communicating or keep it casual?

So my ex texts me fairly regularly.

Just a "hope you have a great day" in the morning.

and a "hope your day went well. goodnight" in the evening.

We had a mutual breakup about a week ago. I did not want it, and he's aware of this. He didn't necessarily want it either from what he would portray, but we thought it would be best considering our situation. I ultimately ended it with how I still hoped we would find our way back to each other, and that I really hope he comes back to me...may sound pathetic, but it's how I was feeling, so I let him know.

So when he texts, I respond with a simple "thank you" or "you too"

I don't know if I should continue this, keeping it casual.

I think this will result in:

A. in time we will reunite, after fights are forgotten and things settle down. (good)

B. he will like being friends better, and never risk taking it to the relationship level again (bad)

Or maybe I should cut off all communication.

Resulting in:

A. losing him all together (bad)

B. he will realize life without me is not what he wants. (good)

My ultimate wish is to be together again in time. Which option do you think has the best chance of leading to this?

now it's escalated to:Hey beautiful! I miss you! and I tell him I had a lousy day so at the end of the night he says "Goodnight beautiful, sweet dreams. tomorrow will be a better day" What the F* is he doing!? seems so odd, almost too friendly...?


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  • sounds like he's pushing his luck. seeing how much he can get without having to get into a relationship. my suggestion would be to get out of there. either stop communications altogether, or you need to let him know straight up that what he's doing is making you really uncomfortable


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