Have I scared her away?

Hey folks,

Out of the blue my girlfriend dumped me 4 months ago saying she didn't love me. I accepted the breakup and tried to move on. I saw other girls etc. I still think about her all the time and miss her so today I decided to message her despite there being zero contact from either of us since the break up.

All was going well, we were chatting casually and catching up with each other. I told her it was nice catching up and asked how she felt about meeting to catch up in person. She replied saying it had been good to hear I was doing well but thought meeting would be too awkward. I told her that I understood and the truth was I had been missing her and that it would have been nice to see her but didn't want to do anything to make her uncomfortable. That was the last I've heard from her.

It would be good to get your thoughts on the situation. Did I come on too strong too fast? I'm guessing I have messed this up and have no chance of getting her back, not that I appeared to have much chance anyway.

i also kinda want to apologise but think that might just make things worse.

thanks for your time and advice.


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  • I don't think you scared her because if she was that frightened she wouldn't respond to you. I'm not sure how strong you feel about her. I think if you love her, you think she is the one, these type of emotions and people dont come often in life and I think it worth sticking around to fight for it. It seems there is something in her mind/ heart that she does not want you to know. So my advice is if you love her, tell her and if you really do want to stick around, tell her you're not going anywhere. That you'll respect her space but if she needs you or someone to talk to/ listen to her you'll be there for her. She obviously is responsive to you because she replied when you messaged and it seems like she didn't flat out say stop messaging her so I think you have hope.

  • Messaging her was a bad move. You should not try to contact her anymore. She is not interested in you, she was just being nice.


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