End of relationship?

there's no quarrel, guy chooses not to give anymore messages and no calls. in guys opinion what does this mean?


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  • women get mad and say the famous : im fine
    for reasons men dont understand
    maybe it s the opposite here
    or he is just busy
    does he text u first always

    • yes he does text everyday

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    • anyway thanks for hearing me out n ur replies 😊

    • good luck 😉😉

  • He has cut all contact? Then he is either upset or gone.

  • Maybe he is busy?
    If it's not the case maybe he has completely lost interest in the woman and does not have enough balls to tell this to her in her face. So avoiding is the best thing. I have a question, weird but answer it, do you prefer guys with shaved body including legs over a very hairy man?

    • not too hairy but I won't want a shave guy

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    • maybe start with trimming 1st

    • Trim EVERYWHERE?

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