Is my live in boyfriend cheating on me?

I know that when people are in situations such as these, the obvious red flags are there which is why my relationship won't move forward or end. I've been with my boyfriend 8 months and things moved pretty quickly. I moved to a different state for several months with my family and ended up moving back with him in a state where he's the only person I know. We've been around each other pretty much every day since we've been together except those months that I went back home and a time that I was in the hospital on New Year's Eve which he admitted to going out and getting really drunk with his cousin and even mentioned the girls who were around that took his car keys and hid his cellphone (which I assume was because he was so drunk and they didn't want him to drive). What gets me is that we never go out or do anything yet when I go to the hospital, not only is he not there with me, he talks about people and their lust for life every time I want to go do something yet goes out first chance he gets. On New Years, when I got out of the hospital, we spent time with his family and everything was cool except while we were all gathering our things and getting ready to leave, a row of condoms fell out of his pocket. We haven't ever used condoms though I had a visit at Planned Parenthood and acquired them. I asked him about it and he claims when he thought we were breaking up, he put them in his jacket pocket two weeks ago JUST so that I would find them.. He's always on dating sites and tries to say that I go on them too when I only do after I see him on them/not deleting them. I understand that normally if you tell your SO something that bothers you and if they care about you, they will stop but he claims to love me. I can't show it back because of the amount of distrust I have for him which puts a strain on the relationship. But when i have doubts, I can't pretend to be okay about it. Do you think he's cheating? Why do guys stay in a relationship and cheat?


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  • Can you PLEASE dump him?
    Ffs he is clearly being a filthy manwhore and you need to put your foot down and move on. I wouldn't trust him if I was you and it's time you realize that living a life where you constantly have to be anxious over what your partner is doing means there's NO love or trust involved. Do yourself a favour and get out now.

    • only thing is, I still love him, paid my portion of rent this month, and have nowhere else to go

    • but you're definitely right

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  • I think he is either cheating or planning on cheating. I've never understood why anyone would cheat because it is the worst feeling ever to be cheated on. if you're unhappy in the relationship then leave but don't cheat

    • yeah, I guess I should have mentioned that I told him about a time that I kissed a guy because I felt so guilty about it and ever since he's believed that I slept with the guy.. I was drunk and in a different state than him. I didn't want to hide it and I was deeply ashamed of it but to say that the guy went balls deep is ridiculous. I don't have a history of cheating but he's told me that he has cheated and played two girls at the same time before in college.

    • once a cheater always a cheater and I know this from personal experience on many occasions

  • Hey I meant to mention this before but I'm a state away from you in Wisconsin. If you need someone to talk to about this or just needs some words of encouragement feel free to message me. I hope you're alright!


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