boyfriend broke up with me after one fight?

My boyfriend and I took a New Year’s weekend trip to a cabin with some of his friends. We got there and we all started drinking a lot and I had a little too much. I pulled my boyfriend aside and picked a fight with him over him talking to his ex without telling me. I said some nasty things to him and I’m sure a few of his friends overheard. He started yelling at me saying he should have never brought me there and when we got back to town we were done. I knew he was drunk at that point so I didn’t really take him seriously. I went to bed then when we woke up he cuddled me and said a lot of things were said that night and we will talk more when we got back to town. I thought things would be fine- he was kissing me, cuddling me, and then invited me to dinner later that night. He ignored me at dinner but then when I mentioned our talk he gave me a kiss, said he had some decisions to make, and we will talk tomorrow. That didn’t sit well with me. I asked why he couldn’t hear me out first before making his decisions. He said fine, but I knew he wasn’t going to. Anyways, we had our talk and he ended things, saying I was out of line and said hurtful things to him. I apologized and understood why he’s mad, and I can’t blame the alcohol but I would have never done that if I was sober. He didn’t care, and said I needed to work on not keeping things bottled up so this doesn’t happen again. He doesn’t want to be there for me while I work on my issues. I’m really upset because although I know I have to work on myself I don’t understand why he won’t stay by my side through it. Other than that weekend we had a great relationship. We never fought and we always had a good time together. I know I made awful decisions that weekend but could he just still be pissed and that’s why he ended things? I’m hoping he’ll come around, and I have taken some steps to start bettering myself. I scheduled an appointment with a therapist to seek extra help. Have I lost him for good?


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  • He's soft. You deserve better. Fights shouldn't end relationships if you guys can come to an agreement and make up. Some fights that end relationships have to be like really big like cheating, saying they're better than your parents, putting you down, domestic abuse and stuff like that.

  • You were right to be upset, but you expressed it the wrong way. And he was wrong to dump you.


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