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me and my ex boyfriend broke up and haven't talked in three-four weeks but once a week or so I get calls from him but I never answer finally a few days ago I answered but he hadded already began to hang up the phone. Then he starts texting "do you miss me?" "I would love to see you and get a hug" asking if I've replaced him and am I talking to anyone... blase blase... SO we end up meeting and we're talking which he keeps giving me those i miss you hugs and all and we ended up having sex, (this is so lame but I feel like he like put in work on my ass... you know like "I miss you sex") and we are talking and he asks me have it had sex with anyone I tell him no and he continues to say I won't be mad if you did because we weren't together.. I again said no and I say have you and he says if you say no than Ime saying no.. then i say so youve had sex with someone else and he said no again.. I looked at him and just felt disgusted because I feel like he has but I mean I really am in no place to be mad because we aren't together.
So I left and I think he wanted me to spend the night but I just felt uneased... like how could you have sex with someone else and want to fuck me?
I've come up with the conclusion of two reasons why. 1. Every time we break up we always end up fucking a couple times and getting back together
2. He did like a rebound type thing and when I finally answered his call he came back?

... I don't know this is my logic of what he thought but I'm looking for opinion
With the first reason I stated this the longest we've ever been broken up


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What Guys Said 2

  • what happened is your fault. you already know what that guy from you. every time you give this guy a chance to communicate with you he sees it as a negotiation for sex.
    give your body and your mind a rest.
    just cut him off and move on.

  • he just wants to fuck you. nothing more


What Girls Said 1

  • I hate these assholes anymore. So happy to be single lol. Ummm id say run because I've been with someone just like this. It doesn't develop past this either which disappointed me. It went from love to nothing. I don't know they always come back because we put it down too well lmao.


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