How I should get my LDR back?

well we where dating for 6 months and going to meet in may for the first time but then we ran into problems with home and work and she felt bad because she couldn't be right here with me so she decided to end the relationship because she said there should be someone here with me to hug and kiss we are still friends but she is aperantly dating someone now she is so amazing and awesome I just want us to go back to how we where I really need help it kills me seeing her in someone else's arms I love her so much I'll always be here for her but I want her back as my girl what should I do


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  • Please explain how you have been dating for 6 months but have never met in person. I would consider that dating.

    • because we live in different states but we would talk on Skype and talk a lot we said we where together we didn't talk to others and a lot more

    • Personally I wouldn't consider that to be dating. Then that is only my opinion.

  • Text her something like "I'm still in love with you if you feel he's not the one you want to be with or if he's not treating you right, I am there for you"

    • I have she knows I'll always be here for her she loves that she has someone who has her back always but I don't know I guess I should just wait but it hurts

    • Message or call her saying that you can wait but you need the answer if she's ever going back to you. She can't expect you to take her back after 10 years of waiting.

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