Help Leos! Do Leos come back?!!

my ex boyfriend is a Leo, we're friends now but we had an amazing relationship and hoping for marriage. suddenly he freaked out from commitments and he couldn't stay in this relationship although he loved me amazingly and he's the one who used to talk about the marriage and the arrangements although we're not getting married . but I know every one says if he does then why he left you?! I know he loves me and he still acts that he cares and his friend told me that he was so in love with me he couldn't stop talking about me. but I don't know what happened he just didn't want to be together . I think he wants me but not now maybe when he's ready again, but do they come back? and I'm Pisces, I know we're opposite but its so working! we complete each other.

so Leo boys you come back even though your freaking out because sometimes I feel that he's relieved and he acts that he doesn't care sometimes but when he sees me with a guy he comes back nice because you Leo are very jealous people.

do you come back? we had an amazing relationship and its so disappointing that it ended without even a huge reason!

help please!

and I know he loves me!

there's a chance :)) bt I'm afraid that you guys move on even though you loved that person so much and you saw here as your wife.

p.s he always used to say to his friend I want to marry her and no other !


do you reconsider if you really loved a person from all your heart? I know it takes you few months to get back but do you ?


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  • It's not really a matter of whether he's a "Leo" or not. Its a matter of free will and just exactly whatever his plans are. Forget about the astrology mytho's. They're of no help in an already confusing situation.

    Now, I can't pretend to know what this guy's reason is for not staying with you. It doesn't make a whole heep of sense to me. Him going around talking about how f***ing in love he is with you, and talking about you all the time, and you obviously knowing how he feels. I cannot for the life of me think what the big hold up with you guys is. But what I think he's doin' is he's bideing his time. He has some sort of life issue that he ain't telling you about, even beyond his relationship woes. Mabye he's got some sort of medical condition, or he's a secret agent or something. I dunno. But, he's not quite showing all his cards. Everyone has private buisness.

    But, honestly, you guys should suck it up, and just be with each other, since you both seem to be on the same level with one another. Work through ANY problem each of you faces together, as best friends and lovers should.

    You don't need astrology for help either. That's all random generalized bullsh*t that simply isn't real. The position of all those burning balls of gas hanging billions of miles away in the sky don't really make for good advice givers. They literally have nothing to do with that concept. Rate the world based on YOUR knowlege, not the outdated knowlege of the ancient greeks. Astrology Fun fact: The sky that the ancient greeks made the constalations maps out of looked different back then, cause the earth was on a different axis.

    I'm sorry. I just love debunking astrology. hehehe

    Anyway, heed my relationship advice, anyway. Lood luck to ya!

    • Well thanks soo much!! don't worry I'm not that into astrology but from my experiences they almost always fit!!

      forget about it and about issues I know all his issues with the family, he got sick big time and still affacted by it and everything! but I hate it when guys loves a girl and leave her becuz all of a sudden they are afraid and sick of it even though they love the girl.

      he's a very selfish person and I know who am I with but I jst love him the way he is.

      jst hoping for the best and thnx

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  • I have a story for you.I had an abusive relaionship for 12 years he went to jail, I hooked up with a fwb.We fwb'd for 6 months then Ex got out of jail and my dumb ass went back and cold turkey quit my fwb.6 months later Ex goes back to jail this time for 20 years.I had my bestfriend's boyfriend tell my friends with benefits to call me because they are cousins so, friends with benefits calls me on thanksgiving day and we been getting closer =living together since for 2 years. He is a LEO and he came back when anyone else would have said f*** her she left me for a scumbag...And he is a very prideful leo at that .


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