Help Leos! Do Leos come back?!!

my ex boyfriend is a Leo, we're friends now but we had an amazing relationship and hoping for marriage. suddenly he freaked out from commitments and he couldn't stay in this relationship although he loved me amazingly and he's the one who used to talk about the marriage and the arrangements although we're not getting married . but I know every one says if he does then why he left you?! I know he loves me and he still acts that he cares and his friend told me that he was so in love with me he couldn't stop talking about me. but I don't know what happened he just didn't want to be together . I think he wants me but not now maybe when he's ready again, but do they come back? and I'm Pisces, I know we're opposite but its so working! we complete each other.

so Leo boys you come back even though your freaking out because sometimes I feel that he's relieved and he acts that he doesn't care sometimes but when he sees me with a guy he comes back nice because you Leo are very jealous people.

do you come back? we had an amazing relationship and its so disappointing that it ended without even a huge reason!

help please!

and I know he loves me!

there's a chance :)) bt I'm afraid that you guys move on even though you loved that person so much and you saw here as your wife.

p.s he always used to say to his friend I want to marry her and no other !


do you reconsider if you really loved a person from all your heart? I know it takes you few months to get back but do you ?
Help Leos! Do Leos come back?!!
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