Should I give up on him or be patient? Please help?

I've seen cases and been told, that most guys don't want a relationship atfirst but naturally fall inlove with time. So I've been hanging out with and texting this guy for 4 months, almost as if we were an official couple. Everything was amazing and I thought he was really falling for me; even his friends said I was his soon to be girlfriend and he said I was his future wife. With time however, he began to slowly distance himself from me and even though I tried to mend things and talk to him about it, his answer was things between us "faded". I backed off hurt and heart broken, and we stopped talking for two months. I was still inlove with him all this time, and just last week he began to slowly pop up into my life again. See, we made out at a party and since then he'd randomly text me everyday. Things that reminded him of me or just songs or brief shallow conversations. He was still dry and not too chatty, even though he initiated the chats in the first place. He calls me to check up on me when I go clubbing and says he misses me when he gets tipsy or out of the blue, but never actually joins me, even though I've invited him many times. I'm so confused at his mixed signals. Everytime I try to forget him he talks to me again. His bestfriend tells me he likes me which kept me trying, and that things need time, but all I see is the opposite. Should I giveup? Or get him to gradually want me again?


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  • I think for your the sake of your own heart, you should let go. If someone wants something enough, they're going to go for it. You deserve better than games

    • But he still constantly talks to me. What should I do? Ignoring him would be childish

    • Well communicate. Set boundaries. Give him the bottom line. If you as the girl cannot show that you're standing up for and respect yourself, he will not either. So tell him how you feel and what you want and need, and if he cannot do that or doesn't want that, then tell him that you have to say goodbye. Don't be petty and immature about it, just stand up for yourself and your feelings. And then you'll actually be acting the exact opposite of childish

    • Thank you x

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  • get him to want you again

    • How is the difficult question :/

    • tell him

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