So, how was your past relationship and why did it end?

My last relationship was really sweet the first year, of course I wasn't perfect and had a bad past relationship baggage but we were really cute and I overcame my bad behavior and changed for her, later she changed for the worse and started paying more attention to her friends, cancelling dates, being mean to me and disrespecting me, ditching me to go with her friends, calling me names, she dumped me via text after she decided to move to another city, later we started dating again and she was all over me and hyped, later shit hit the fan again and she dumped me again and I went ghost, so it pretty much went to SHIT.

How about you guys? any psychopathic past relationships?


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  • Shiity overtime he didn't text me or see me and then he broke up with me and blamed me for everything. Then months later he came back to apologize and he played me so whatever ✌🏼


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  • My past relationship was with this really adorable girl. It was really amazing at times. She'd shower me with affection , and it felt like I was the luckiest man on earth. There were times when I'd regret everything, and there were times when I was glad of everything. She even wanted to marry me and have kids with me.

    So, now to the bad part. She was severely depressed, had agoraphobia and was bipolar. She'd be happy one second, and suddenly be suicidal the next. I had talked her out of suicide three times. I convinced her to seek therapy (which she left halfway). I am a psychology student, and I talked her out of suicide several times. I was willing to be with her inspite of all that.
    And one fine day, she ghosted me. Deactivated her number, WhatsApp, facebook and instagram accounts. She just disappeared. I tried to contact her several times, without any success. I got to know through a friend that she needed time alone. And that's it.

    • well damn dude, that sounds sad, sorry to hear that.

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