I will never find someone like him and I will never get over him? Help?

He is special and I've never seen a guy more attractive than him. Not even joking. Others may not find him so attractive but when i see him or even hear his name i almost faint.. other guys just can't ever compare. I adore everything about him. Even his nose! But his eyes and his smile are heart melting oh myy <3 I've loved him ever since i met him , i was 14 he was 16 , thats when we started dating. But i've known him since kindergarten. And we dated for a year and a half. We broke up because of distance. He had to move. But i still adore this guy, he's perfect in my eyes. Even his flaws are amazing. I think about him and dream about him almost daily. I also can't seem to stop crying. I am 18 now. I'm so sad because i think he has forgotten about me. We still keep in touch , message or Skype every now and then but he doesn't love me anymore i'm sure. He sees me as a friend now. He has a girlfriend that he looks really happy with, he also tells me about her sometimes and it crushes my heart. I haven't dated ever since. No guys are good enough. He is everything i could ever want in a boyfriend / husband. What should i do? I'm so in love. I don't think i'll ever be in love with someone else. Everyone else is just meh in my eyes.


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  • you'll end up seeing someone else and falling for him, your just at the blind stage which keeps you from seeing (really seeing) other guys. id recommend forgetting him.


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  • Love is blind. No opinion will help you out. You will never find good in other guys if you have already labelled him to be best guy on planet.
    So telling you to move on would be a bad opinion again.
    Consider becoming lesbian if he is not available.

  • I'm going though the same thing too since me and my ex broke up. if you need to talk I'm open if you want


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