Is this normal for me to still be hurt?

When we first met it was strictly about hooking up and then after while feelings got involved and we started a relationship. I discovered he was married but seperated from his Facebook and then he admits it and says he's getting a divorce and even contacts her to let her know he wants a divorce in front of me so I stay like a dumb ass. Then he dumps me and goes back to his wife. During this time he was also sleeping with his daughter's mother who was pregnant by him again which he didn't tell me about. The last straw was when he got back with his wife and we had a run in and he sent her over to fight me in public. That was uncalled for and hurt me. I still remember him saying "That ring was going to go on your finger, why didn't? Your attitude and personality, you were my fucking dream girl, change that or lose me forever" Then I seen him recently again he beeps his horn at me and keeps driving while I'm at the light waiting to cross the street. I'm still hurt over this all.


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  • sorry for what you're going through.
    I know what happened hurts, but it happened for a reason and you should thank God for showing you the truth before it's too late.
    don't be sad, there's always a bright side will shine for you when ready.
    give yourself a space and time to cope your feelings and discover yourself.

    Good luck..
    (feel free to fill this page here to frees up your feelings)


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  • Oh, Honey, you've got to realize what a POS and loser this guy is. He doesn't love or care about you. It's all about him. He's a user. You are so much better of without him.


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