Please help me Did I ruin it all?

Hello, Please help me!!! I accidentally sent a thumbs up (👍🏻) to my ex, and he responded: "hi!", i said that i wasn't on purpose.. did i ruin everything with no contact if i want him back?


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  • His response sound positive, so no.

    • But shouldn't it be him contacting me? Since he broke up

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    • Yes but Im afraid he tells me its too early to talk or somenting

    • I know, this sucks. It is a gamble.

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  • Start a conversation, be friendly, don't be too fast to say your feelings you may get rejected as I dis the same mistake.

    • Even if he broke up with me? Dont you think the ball is in his court?

    • I don't think so. You can be friendly with him, don't show that when he left you you were totally devastated and desperate, seem confident and see how it goes from here. But I really recommend you to meet him, it gonna help a lot.

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