Should I feel bad?

I recently broke up with the person I have been with for the past 5 years. He didn't treat me good at all. Yes it wasn't all bad and we didn't have bad times all the time. But he made me feel like shit and called me a bitch more than he ever called me beautiful. I not remember him calling me that twice in five years. He cheated on me once that I know of, he had a tinder multiple times when we were together and a POF at one point, he went out without me and would get girls number and would even put them under fake names. He did a lot of things that caused me to not trust him. Why did I stay with him? Something happened and we both found out something that made me feel like no one else would want me. Everyone says what I found out is not a big deal and somebody else would want me. I was very depressed for a while and thought nobody would want me but I finally got over that feeling. My now ex boyfriend is in the military and two months ago moved to the other side of the world voluntarily. I thought he would change and start to respect me but no nothing changed. I feel bad because I broke up with him while he's over there with no family and only coworkers/roommates. But he made me feel like shit for 5 years so I don't know. I love him but should I continue being with somebody who has treated me like crap and has even called me a whore and has told me he wishes I die and would always make me feel unwanted and not good enough. ? Should I be with somebody that says he loves me but actions show otherwise? Should I be with somebody who always makes me feel like he wants other girls? And most importantly should I be with somebody who has never respected me and always makes me feel like he's hiding me?

Should i I feel bad?
I don't know why I feel bad but I do.
i love him but I'm not in love.
i love him but I'm not happy.


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What Guys Said 1

  • sorry for what happened.
    I know you still have feelings for him... but you have to accept the fact that some people will never be yours... not cuz you can't have them... but their presence in your life will create a mess.
    move on, you owe yourself a lot.

    Good luck...


What Girls Said 2

  • i understand loving someone after being in an abusive relationship is easy. i still love my ex when he only used me and took my virginity but i still pray and hope one day he comes back. thats the only hope i have for living

  • Love is one thing , but being treated like shit is another thing. Don't feel bad! Instead be happy because trust me there will come a day when he will really regret the way he treated you. Sometimes in life you do have to be selfish but for right reasons. If you got back with him you will start to feel depressed and you will not love yourself. You need someone that will motivate you and uplift you.


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