Still a chance he may regret?

Hey, I have a question for you guys. My boyfriend broke up with me six weeks ago because he couldn't see a future with me anymore and he broke up now so he didn't have to hurt me later. I was (and am) really shoked, I didn't know anything about he feeling like that. We were great together, could take about everything and could be 100% ourselves with each other. He was my bestfriend and my soulmate. It was really important for him that he wanted to be my friend after a while. Today its been 1,5 months with no contact beacuse I asked for it. But actually all I want is for him to send me a message and say that he misses me or ask me how Im doing.. i still haven't heard anything from him... So I Wonder, do you guys think he will ever contact me if i dont? And do I have any chance of getting him back? How? And last but not least, What is he thinking now after almost 2 monts? Does he think of me and miss me? Is there still a chance he may regret breaking up and come back?


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  • Likely he broke up because he simply wasn't ready for a long term commitment. You asked for no contact, and he is following your wishes..

    No doubt he's got other love interests now. Wish him well. There's no rule saying you can't contact him, and by now you can probably be friends again. It's doubtful you can ever be a couple again. Certainly not right now.


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  • if he broke up with you because he didn't see a future with you are you sure he wants to get back together? either way if you want you can try and contact him and see where it goes. with a few pals, visit a place that you and him always used to go to like a park or something. try calling him, say something like hey, I've only got a minute but i'm at (insert place) with some friends and it reminded me of you and it just brought a smile to my face. anyways, I hope you've been doing well and that you're really happy. catch ya later


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