How to get an old friend back?

So, this could be one the most difficult social things I have ever done. So, obviously, I'm gonna ask for help!
So, in August of 2016, I broke up with my girlfriend. We were great friends, there wasn't anything we really didn't know about each other (yes, we were dating, if you didn't guess that). During this, she said she had just lost feelings for me, and I was being a jerk to the people around me. Less than an hour after the breakup, I had already apologized to everyone I had been rude to (in fact, I'm great friends with one of them now), my current X knows I did this, but she says it doesn't fix what I had done.
Like I said, I apologized to everyone, and I'm really not mean now, or so I think. I have tons of friends (in fact, more female friends, not girlfriends, just female friends) now and if anything, I've improved since then.
I've tried apologizing to my X as well, texting things like I won't do it again and asking why we had to stop hanging out since we broke up. Every time, she replied with a stern "leave me alone". Nothing works, whatever I say, she responds with that. We haven't talked physically in public, and when I'm in her general vicinity she gets more quite and doesn't look at me. I can tell she doesn't and won't talk to me.
My X has a new girlfriend now as well. Her current girlfriend and I used to talk when we were A LOT younger (like before puberty young). I've interacted with her girlfriend a few times (at least 3) for short amounts of time, and she doesn't seem to hold anything against me, in fact she seems more friendly than before.
So, there's my set of people to work with. I have many friends who are friends with my X currently as well, so I can use them. My mission is to get my X back talking to me. Not because I want to date again (I lost feelings for her as well), but because I don't want a great friendship to end.
I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks to anyone who responds!


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  • ok not exactly the same but i did this with a guy he lost interest in me and we split but its not hard to win them over all you have to do is act like it doesn't bother you. they will see how strong you are and see your mature it comes to this subject talk to other people not just girls. she will soon see that your are out there and you don't need her you happy of course that worked with a guy so.. im not sure if it will work with this but try. and give her some space also don't come up talking to her all the time about the subject and no need to apologize so much. leave what happened in the past and move on. don't hold onto that and be positive when talking to her don't bring up the issue move on. and say positive things ohh don't flirt with her not yet at least take these into consideration let me know how it went :)


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