Why would you stop using your social media after a break up?

I tried to add my ex on Facebook and he blocked me. But I noticed after that he hasn't made any recent activity at all. Not even liking pictures, nothing, that was around Halloween. Maybe it had to do with me trying to add him but then when he see's me at the mall or around our mutual friends he will stare at me, or look me in the eye for a very long time, and its little awkward. He will call his friends if I am around so his friend's can spy on me, I've seen him do it, because one of our friends picked up his phone call and said "yea I'm with her", and he will show up and stare at me but won't talk. Why is he doing that? Please don't tell me an ex is an ex, and to get over it because I don't want to hear that lol.


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  • to make my ex curius lol

    • I think your right, because he was using it just fine before I tried to add him.

    • most do it for this reason

    • yea like he doesn't even like pictures anymore, That's another way I was able to tell haha

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  • He probably just wanted to stop using it and stopped for a variety of reasons. Once your not using it there is not much of a reason to go back onto it. I only use it for communication with my freinds that don't have cells.

  • Likely depressed and wanted to shut the world out so he can be with him and his thoughts.

    • He was using it before though, it wasn't until I tried add him and after that I noticed no activity.

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    • There's nothing in it that would upset him, probably just my accomplishments :)

    • Probably or he is mad that your not depressed without him lol

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  • Maybe he is depressed and doesn't want to be bothered getting online posting and liking pics. Or he could be online but not posting or liking anything. I do that all the time. Get online, and won't update or say anything at all.


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