Ex said he wanted to cut all communication and forget me?

Hi yeahh so basically we was together for 4 months or so and things were great we never had an argument or anything and then Suddenly all of a sudden he started having doubts and wanted to break up, this mainly being down to him being in a time in his life where he needs to figure out where to go in his life and on top of that he suffers with really bad anxiety.
Anyway, we was okay, it was a mutual breakup and we were fine as friends and I gave him his space and we talked less but things were fine, but all of a sudden tonight he messages me after no contact for 3 days and says that we need to cut all communication and 'try and almost forget eachother'
Can any guys give me insight on why he has done this? Was he finding it too difficult seeing me being okay with the breakup and carrying on being happy and not upset? Personally, knowing him the way I do, I do genuinely feel like he's forced himself to do this because he can't take watching me be happy and move on but i dunno it just feels forced and like a decision he didn't wanna make but felt he had to.
Before anyone suggests there's no one else involved in this situation, neither of us have met anyone else, I know that for a fact.

Finally, is it possible he will ever contact me again? Or do you think that he will never ever speak to me again 😕

Guy and girls opinions welcome but need a guys insight on this tbh lol x


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  • That is actually quite common to be honest


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  • Probably not, tbh. I doubt he'll try.

  • That's normal you need to move on too.


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