Is there any hope left for us? Just want to know honest opinions? Hurt?

My boyfriend has been ignoring me since last Tuesday and on Sunday I sent him a message pretty much asking where we stood etc. We had been together since the start of December, seen each other for nearly three weeks solid, met the families, he told me he loves me and we were in constant contact. It was moving so fast but it felt right to both of us. I did ask him several times and he kept saying how happy he was and how glad he was he had moved back from Liverpool because he had met me. Things were going fantastic and then he sent a message last Tuesday saying he wasn't well but he hoped I was ok and he loves me. Then nothing. So on Sunday I asked if everything was ok between us, did he want to slow things down because we had moved so fast and I got "I've been thinking and we have moved too fast and it put me off and I'm planning a move to Edinburgh as I don't want to be in Ireland anymore sorry" I only got this message after I had messaged his mum on Facebook to make sure he was ok (we've chatted before on this and I've met her a few times so it's normal lol) I asked him about collecting my stuff and he said there would be nobody in but we'll figure something out. He then took the relationship status down and restricted me on Facebook. He still has my sister on Facebook unrestricted which is weird. And the post saying "I have the bestest girlfriend in the world." I asked him if he still wanted to be friends and does he want his stuff back. No reply. I'm planning on going on Thursday to collect my things. Is it likely he could change his mind?


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  • He sounds like he doesn't want it to work.

    • Is it likely that he might change his mind at all?

    • Not very likely. Usually when a guy is like that I would say 85% of the time they have their mind made up.

    • What confuses me is how he changed over night! Things were going so so well and he even said he loved me on Tuesday. Then nothing! It was his idea to take things so so fast. Talking about marriage, babies, getting a house together! The move to Edinburgh news was a shock!

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  • I don't think so I mean it just sounds like something that happened too fast, got happy and now you both kind of want different things.

    • What confuses me is the fact that he wanted to move things so fast! He was talking about marriage and babies and living together. He said I love you three days after we met.

    • Hmm yeah I mean I get it when something really good is happening you just are totally about it however its important to slow down and actually think about your feelings and maybe he did way afterwards lol.

    • I'm thinking so! Just wish he hadn't roped me in and met my family etc. I feel so stupid. Though if I have slowed things down, he would've maybe had a problem with that too

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  • get your shit and leave she's a dick

  • Not really as the times scared hi. Off

    • He moved things so fast! He wanted the relationship status on Facebook before we even met!

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    • Yeh some dont realise til afterwards

    • I've realised that now! I'm still gutted and hoping he'll change his mind but I doubt it's gonna happen.

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