What do I do with this guy?

We dated for about 3,5 whole months. Then he told me he'd rather be just friends. I had feelings for him, and he knows this, I believe he really did have a crush at some point. It did hurt, even though I really wasn't that devastated.

My problem is that he says he really liked hanging out with me and he sends me snapchats everyday. But I don't know if  him is a good idea. I don't want a friends benefits relationship with him. I knew we weren't the best match but I had feelings for me. Would hanging out with him just hurt me more?


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  • He likes the thought of being with you, but perhaps he is afraid of commitment.

    You should probably not seek a intimate relatioship with this person, but rather keep it at friends. If he tries to make sexual advances, decline them, unless you want to have a sexual relation with the person, but not an actual relationship.


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  • Definitely. . . and I'm in the same position. give him some space slowly.. maybe he will better understand his feelings... tell him that u r giving him space to think about whether he like u or not

  • Yeah cut him out of your life. He wants to have the cake and eat it too.


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